Those clever dudes behind Mr Crackles have moved away from pork and dived head first into the chicken business – and what a lucrative business it is these days – with their new take-out fried chicken joint, Thirsty Bird.

Fried chicken is everywhere. Some places do it better than others and Thirsty Bird is one of the better ones. Modeled after the plethora of fried chicken franchises dotted around America, the Thirsty Bird crew noticed that Australia only had one-go-to chicken shop – the Colonel himself.

Think Southern American goodness – burgers, slaw, mac ’n’ cheese, mash and gravy, waffle fries and, of course, chicken.

Hitch a ride on the train to Kings Cross and stroll down Bayswater Road – you won’t miss it. There isn’t any room to eat in (five stools actually), so grab your thirsty bird and cruise down to the park.