Periodically, the team behind China Doll, China Lane and Chia Diner put together a progressive dinner for up to 20 guests.

The evening begins in the heart of the city, nestled beneath the unexpected beauty of renowned art installation Forgotten Songs in Angel Place at the chic China Lane restaurant. After being welcomed by the evening’s host, you enjoy the entree, as well as a selection of cocktails and beverages.

Luxurious private cars whisk you away to the next location – China Doll, which resides by the docks of the 100 year old Finger Wharf in Woolloomooloo for the main course. Finally, trendy Bondi Beach is home to China Diner, a new establishment inspired by 1930’s downtown Shanghai, where you cap off their evening with a relaxed canapé style event offering delectable savoury and sweet bites.

Reach out to China Doll to book your place!