Here's one thing you shouldn't miss when visiting Korea!

When I had my first solo out of the country last year, I had a lot of to do list in Seoul and that includes having to eat live octopus at the Noryangjin Market.

I raided the chaotic world of Noryangin Market, tested my hardcore bargaining skills to the ahjummas (a respectful korean word for married ladies or aunt) so I could get it for a lower price and headed straight to a restaurant, there's a couple of them and you just have to choose and and let them prepare my baby octopus dipped in sesame oil.

It's actually really good and yummy!

I read one article in 9gag and it is included in "17 Most Dangerous Food In The World You Need to Avoid" so if your into new and weird stuff like myself, you HAVE to do this!

Just a reminder that you need to chew the food as it may result to choking or even death when not properly chewed.

Aja! Fighting!