Whether you are by yourself or with a crew, a bike has got to be the best way to get around Newcastle. Opt for harbour views along the foreshore, with wide flat paths ideal for a ride. Or alternatively cruise along the slightly more hilly beach roads. Get some friends to join you and get to know parts of Newcastle that can't be experienced from the car.
If you choose the beach route, stop off at each beach and go for a dip or get a coffee. Newcastle beaches are all very unique and each offer their own experience. For a beautiful swimming spot try bar beach, then ride on down to Merewether Surfhouse for a great lunch.
The foreshore also has some great little treasures. Stop for a second and take the time to investigate some of the wharfs overlooking the harbour with the iconic industrial newcastle landscape in the distance. Maybe even grab a drink at some of the beautiful bars sitting right on the edge of the harbour.