Besides being drop-dead cute, and awesome pollinators who are good for our planet, Grey Headed Flying Foxes are pure fun! If you like cute, go hang out with them! Head to the North-East of the park and you will hear them before you see them, flapping and squabbling around in the trees between the weir and the foot-bridge. Do not handle the bats - they may carry diseases that could give you some instant-Karma for messing with them and their foxy teeth! And they are an Aussie native protected species. Walk into the centre of the foot-bridge and look North across the causeway, up the river to the weir. Walk to the weir beside the river, beneath some bats. Entry to the bat camp on the East is prohibited but you will still have plenty of bats in your belfry by the time you leave. Go for dusk and you'll see them fill the sky as they sweep along the river and over your heads. There's a nearby cafe and the park contains sports fields, playgrounds, restaurant and historical buildings of significance. You can walk the circuit, cruise it by car of hop on your bike. Plenty of free parking but look for signs so you don't overstay your welcome and get booked - local rangers will not miss you! Leave the park with the bats - it's unsafe there at night and gates will be locked.