Set against a lush rainforest backdrop, the Nepal Peace Pagoda was built for World Expo '88 and has been a permanent feature of South Bank Parklands ever since. As well as being an important part of Brisbane's history and culture, it's also a beautiful display of craftsmanship and a striking monument to world peace (and it makes for a very nice Instagram snap, too!)

Wooden pews on the first level are open to visitors for personal meditation or reflection - the pagoda is carved with intricate Hindu and Buddhist imagery, but isn't dedicated or reserved for specific religious practices or services, so visitors are free to draw on their own personal spirituality or mindfulness practices. For guided meditation, try the Buddhify or Omvana apps via the free wi-fi available throughout the South Bank Parklands.

For less spiritually inclined visitors, the Peace Pagoda still makes for a beautiful spectacle, handcrafted by 160 Nepalese families over two years leading up to Expo '88. One of only three Peace Pagodas outside Nepal, it's well worth dropping in on this oasis for a little slice of peace and quiet.