This is ideal for the frustrated pet-lover who doesn't have their own pets, and everyone else who just loves spending time with animals. And boy, will these critters be glad to see you! To volunteer, just call in advance to organize your visit on 02 4560 4644. Then pack the pet-toys, treats, and any old blankets you might want to donate (or not), and take the scenic drive out there. You will make their day and they will certainly make yours! There are heaps of things you can do with the shelter to help out, including spending some time at a fun market stall occasionally, to help the pets find their fur-ever homes. What could make you feel better than that! Why not take snap a few selfies with some panting pooches or cute kitties, and scoot them out on your social media to share the love? You never know, maybe someone who sees it will fall in love - with you, the pet, or both! If a pet rescue follows, then you can add 'Match-maker' to your CV and nothing could be more pawesome than that, right? If none of that convinces you, medical science has proven that for many people, less than 20mins of petting an animal can lower blood pressure significantly, proving this activity is feel-good in more ways than one, so yourself a favour and get organizing today! (Remember, you will need to ring first: 02 4560 4644.) Check for opening hours too.