Easily found by simply heading towards he iconic Geraldton Lighthouse, Point Moore provides good reef breaks for surfing and windsurfing and good flat water for paddle boarding and kiting.

Point Moore is area is of a bay flanked by two points and a reef which make it ideal for all kinds of surfing and sailing and hence attracts water enthusiasts from all around the world. Geraldton is famous for it’s wind and world class wind sport locations and as Point Moore is 4 km out to sea, it’s the windiest location.

The area can be treacherous and lives have been lost here – mornings are perfect for beginners before the wind comes in too strong. Late morning to afternoon winds increase and conditions are more powerful for the intermediate and advanced.

The beach is wide, flat and mostly deserted which makes it perfect for setting up equipment like kite boards with lots of launch area where everyone can keep out of everyone’s way. Best of all – you can drive your vehicle right down to the waters edge so you don’t have to carry all your gear from the car park.