Nudists rejoice!
If you've been looking for somewhere to bathe and enjoy the sun that no one else goes, this is it.
Redgate Beach is beautiful for it's rock pools which you can sit in quietly while the water washes in and out from the ocean.
Bring your googles and enjoy the marine life going on under the surface.
There's mostly no one around (except a few hard core rock fisherfolk) so you can feel pretty comfortable to get your gear off here with a bit of privacy if you're keen, but shy.
Fisherfolk - this is a good spot to be able to get out on the rocks but remain safe enough from the crashing waves.
THIS IS NOT A PLACE FOR CHILDREN - the surges are quite strong even along the actual beach sand area and I would only recommend this for confident and strong swimmers (which is probably why, that despite its' beauty, most people would prefer the less rugged and much safer beaches that can be found in the area, closer to inhabited areas).