Manly jump rock has been around forever and was a common place to spend summers while growing up.

The council have stepped in to shutting this one down over the years and the jump is illegal and carries a strong warning on your way to find it.

Up the hill from little manly beach, the jump is fairly easy to find. On a hot summer's day there's a stream of kids you can follow to find out where it is.

A fence was put up by the council a few years ago to keep people from jumping off the rock. There have been several injuries and at least one fatality at jump rock, it's fraught with danger.

If you're in the water you can swim around into Colin's Flat a bit to where the track from above meets the water. As the jump from manly jump rock is dangerous, jumping is at your own risk.

Follow the location on the map to get to the manly harbour jump rock jump..