This is my FAVOURITE shop in all of Adelaide (and I love to shop!)
If you, your partner or in fact anyone you know is into candles, you cannot visit Adelaide without stopping in here. They make candles to order, with scents that smell too good to be just a candle (do not eat them). Not only do they make scents to order, but colors too. For example, my favourite color is pink, and my favorite scent is Chanel no 5. So they made me a Pink Chanel. However my best friend likes the Chanel, but she prefers green, so they made a Green Chanel.
Not only are their candles super inexpensive (cheap sin't the right word here because they're very quality candles at a low price), but they offer gift wrapping, hand made soaps (again they smell too good to only be soap, don't eat them!)
Absolutely perfect for last minute gifts, you could have 3 candles and 3 bars of soap with a gift box AND wrapping (they do it in store, on the spot) for as little as $15!
Located in the Gawler arcade, I want to see this shop stay around forever because there's no other store like it.