One of the best beaches in SA I think! There is so much to do, and suits all ages. Naturally there is the beach, wide and sandy with clear blue seas! There are also shops (for the teens-early 20s especially), restaurants, bars, hotels, fast food joints, a huge water park complete with slides and arcade games - you could take your baby and your grandma and I guarantee you'll all find something incredibly entertaining!
I like to come here around 5pm when the sun starts to set. We grab a few drinks from the bar on the Pier, sit around the beach and just wind down.
We might stroll across the parklands to Jetty Road, where we're met with every delicacy you can think of! I particularly love Andersen’s Ice Cream, and although we live about 50 minutes from Glenelg, have traveled there before JUST for the Ice Cream!
You could go on a rainy day and find something to do, or head up there on a 39-degree day and just soak in the sun.
Very romantic at sunset!!