Govindas is a staple of Sydney's dating scene. It's been around for about 15-20 years serving its vegetarian buffet to guests before or after a unique 'first-class' lay-down movie experience.

Great food and a the movies are normally very well chosen so you don't need to worry too much about what you 're going to see.

Dinner and the movie at Govindas normally runs you about $30pp which is a great deal for Sydney. Govinda's is a hidden gem known well to locals and one of the best first date spots near the city.

As the movie cinema puts you lying down next to your date, it's a great place to steal a cuddle and a first kiss.

If you can't find street parking around darlinghurst/the-cross when you go; the car-wash/petrol station 2 doors up the road turns into a paid parking lot once night falls for about $20 (I think).

To complete the date take your partner to Messina for an icecream after the movie.