Take a picnic and the whole family along to this pretty little park about 45 minutes out of Adelaide CBD. So scenic; green with benched, BBQ spots and picnic areas galore….

But don’t go at sundown! This place is said to be haunted by a wanderer, stumbled upon by an exploring party back in the 1860s. They took him under their wing, giving him food and drink. They then allowed him to sleep whilst they gave him a lift to the next town. Upon waking him, they found the man had sadly passed away. They placed his body in a hollowed out tree and went to get help. Upon returning, the body was gone!

This topic is covered by the Haunted Horizons ghost tour (which I have also featured as a review here). Whilst I’ve never seen any ghostly figures wandering at night, the history is very rich and entertaining.

There is a long bike track spanning most of the Gawler town that Dead Man’s Pass lays in.
Free to enjoy. Ample parking, but gates close at sundown.
Recommended for a hike, stroll, a walk for the dog (there is also a nice little river that in the summer is a great spot for the pups to cool down in)
Definitely recommend for a full day out
WC facilities available