This is by far one the more interesting things to do in Adelaide. Run by Alison Osborn, Founder & Owner of Adelaide's Haunted Horizons Ghost Tour, you have your choice of location for the ghost tour including: National Railway Museum Ghost Hunts | Adelaide Gaol Ghost Hunt | Z Ward Ghost Tours | Adelaide Arcade Ghost Tour | Adelaide Gaol All Night Lock-Down | Adelaide Dark History Tour | Gawler Dark History Tour

My favourite has to be the Adelaide Gaol history tour.
Not only does it cover the eerie, downright creepy goings on in the Gaol, it’s also rich in history and entertainment.

I’ve done the Gawler tour 3 times, and each one is different.
Same murders, stories and locations, but as we’ve gone with a different crowd each time, no tour is the same.

It’s a must! But remember to read the website in regards to being eligible to do the tour (i.e., those with heart conditions and pregnant women are not encouraged to take a tour).