Seriously the best donut I ever ate came from this place. Not usually a fan of the donut, I was surprised when I tasted this monstrosity. It's a citrus cheesecake donut and when you bite into it, the cheesecake fluid bulges out. They put heaps of filling in the middle, so be prepared for mess. They have heaps of different flavours, but seriously, this citrus cheesecake donut is like nothing you will ever have again!
This place is only open a few days a week so I suggest calling first. You can ask them if they have the citrus donut before you go in so you're not disappointed. These donuts aren’t cheap at around five bucks a pop, so make sure you have plenty of cash. They are quite large too, and 2 people could easily share a single donut.
Parking is a bit of a nightmare around the Hunter St Mall, so make sure you have dollar coins for the parking meters.