Take your date on a trip down memory lane with a visit to Bee Gees Way, the dedicated walkway honouring the three brother's Gibb who formed their band and signed their first recording contract at their Redcliffe home in the 1950's.

As you stroll through the walkway, read about their journey on the photo wall; view more than 60 photos and album covers, see a video featuring interviews with Barry Gibb and unseen footage of their recordings and see the life-size statue of the brothers as young boys.

It's a great place to reminisce and if you grew up loving their music like I did, you'll find yourself having flashbacks to a lot of their songs.

Located just off Redcliffe Parade on the seafront, running through to Sutton Street, Bee Gees Way is free and is open all day and night - with light shows set to music from 7pm to 9.30pm every half hour).

There's not a lot of shade or shelter so if it's a nice sunny day remember your hat and sunscreen and an umbrella in case of rain.