Imagine setting foot on this majestic Adelaide cruise ship only to be greeted by good food, fine wine and a breath taking view! That's what you get every time you cruise the Port River Dolphin Cruise.
I have done this cruise 4 times, and on each occasion we spotted dolphins.
We've done day cruises and night cruises, and I definitely recommend trying both because the experiences differ so much. In the afternoon for a lunch cruise, we were met with a delicious meal of fish and chips cooked to perfection.
During the evening cruise, cocktails were flowing and dancing under the moonlight was incredible!
The staff are FANTASTIC (and even took into account my unexpected bout of sea sickness
I know they are fully air conditioned and feature both an 'internal and external' viewing platform (for those less comfortable with standing on the open deck)
The toilets were easily accessible and very clean (which is a must for me)
Please book a cruise, you won't regret it! Look for the lighthouse in Port Adelaide off Commercial Road, you can't miss it