George's bar in Fitzroy has received a huge amount of attention both locally and internationally. So last Wednesday we organised a group of us to see what all the fuss is about. George's is a bar that pays homage to George Costanza, the character out of the very popular TV show Seinfeld. The bar opens at 6pm, and we arrived around 5:55pm and there was already a crowd hovering at the entrance awaiting for the doors to swing open. Once the clock reached 6pm the doors opened and we were greeted warmly by the cool looking bar staff. Upon walking in the venue it had a very distinct New York vibe and style to it. Timber floors with white tiles on the walls. Now, not being a huge Seinfeld fan the theme was a little lost on me, a few George's quote and photos on the wall certainly got the punters camera flashing.
The cocktail menu was limited and design with the Seinfeld theme in mind. From a Bloody George,which was their version of a Bloody Mary, to a Draped in Velvet, which had similarities to a Long Island Ice Tea. The beer list, whilst safe, had a good range of both local and international beers. The food menu was basically toasties and there was a selection of 5 to choose from. I had the New Yorker, which was hot salami, mozzarella cheese and tomato. For $5 it is what is.
The crowd was a good mix of southsiders and locals and I got the feeling they too didn't understand the hype. So takeaway the Seinfeld connection and your left with a pretty cool bar. The service was on point and the staff certainly made sure everyone was having a good time. Time will tell if George's survive the fickle bar scene but I really hope it does. Would I return? Sure would.