There is so much to do at Australia Zoo. It's as WILD as LIFE gets!
Top 10 Zoo Highlights
1. The Crocoseum - Are you ready for some serious wildlife action? Our keepers and their amazing animals will take you on a slithering, swooping, jaw-snapping adventure of epic proportions! Every day in the Crocoseum we are taking on the world's conservation issues and protecting the animal kingdom, and we want you to join our army of Wildlife Warriors
2. Roo Heaven - A large, naturalistic home for our kangaroos, where you can hand-feed to your heart's content!
3. Pat A Koala - Check out our Koala Walkthrough where you can pat one of our cuddly koalas
4. Croc School - Learn all about Steve's croc research and his passion for these amazing reptiles
5. Bindi's Bootcamp - Have a go at this kids! Explore Bindi's Bootcamp and test your skills on the challenges as seen on TV!
6. Roving Wildlife - By jingo! Meet some of our roving animals throughout the Zoo, like our baby alligators, talking cockatoos and wombats!
7. Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital - Check out the state-of-the-art hospital, Australia's busiest wildlife hospital! Watch the team of vets save out precious wildlife
8. Tigers - Wow! Visit the Tiger Temple, home to our maginificent Sumatran tigers, and catch a glimpse of them in action
9. Africa - Explore the wide open plains of the African savannah and see our rhino, giraffe and zebra. You may even see our cheetah as they walk by!
10. Bindi's Island Visit Bindi's Island, a tropical island paradise with ring-tailed lemurs roaming free amongst giant Aldabran tortoises, colourful macaws, an alligator snapping turtle and more! Explore Bindi’s three-storey treehouse on the island, which offers sweeping views of Australia Zoo.