Feeding a dolphin is the main draw for the Island, if you're staying overnight or have booked a dolphin feeding experience day tour then it's included as part of your stay.

There's something about watching live dolphins play about with their friends and doing what dolphins do in the wild that you just can't get from seeing them at a water park or seaworld type thing.

Think about taking the next step beyond that and hand feeding them a fish while you're in the water with a dolphin! It's a truly amazing experience.

To do it you need to have purchased one of the packages that offer it and then be sure to register (before 4pm) for the night's feeding at the Dolphin & Marine hut.

Once registered, head down to the wharf as the sun sets, listen to the pre-amble and ready yourself to get wet and hand-feed yourself a wild dolphin!

The time of the feedings varies throughout the year, use the sunset as a key.