On our river overnight adventure, you will pass the day on the Loueme River and see some ancient villages, very serene and terrifically traditional, and spend the night immersed in the local life, running largely unchanged in the Congolese Coastal zone for time immemorial. If you feel you haven't gotten any taste of the the better side of Congo since arrival, try our Loueme Overnight!  

Our Louémé river trip brings you the best of both worlds: nature and culture. You will be picked up by our staff at your hotel in the morning and brought to the Louémé river banks outside of Pointe-Noire. Enjoy a relaxing day on the boat with a beer or tea while discovering the local lifestyle of the villagers living near the river. In the evening you have the opportunity to sleep in a local village to truly experience the local culture. 

After breakfast the next morning, after a night under the green canopy and starry skies, you will be brought home.


*Besides a few drinks and snacks, meals aren't included, so bring some back-up snacks and some money to order dinner in the village. Accommodation is very basic so you can also opt to have barbeque instead and return to Pointe-Noire during the evening. 

**Please bring enough water, mosquito repellent, sun cream, swimming clothes and a towel and a hat and sunglasses, as the sunlight on the boat is quite bright. 

***Guides are paid for, but it's good custom to offer some drinks, snacks, sweets or cigarettes of your own. This will bring you a long way in Congo.