When you've decided to do a CTT trip to Ndoki, you're in for a treat! The National Geographic Society has observed that the park may have the largest concentration of wildlife per square mile than any other place in Africa.

NOTE: Beware of copycat operators who copy this itinerary or "alter" it to promise trips and gorillas in the northern parks. One outfit, "Congo Gorilla Safari" is run by hunters and former poachers who literally hunt the animals and are part of the problem, and are venom to conservation efforts. You will see them copy exactly the text of legitimate operators, and go they by the name of Congo Hunting Safaris as well. Also beware of fake reviews posted on theirs or other websites of the internet by the female owner and African staff.


Day 1: Arrival and Welcome

Upon arrival in Brazzaville, you will be picked up at the airport and transferred to your hotel for check-in. After you comfortably check-in to your hotel, kick-off our downtown tour with visits to the following (depending on your arrival time and how you feel - we can pack in as much as possible!):

  • Mausoleum Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza
  • Freedom Square and Central Station
  • The Basilica of Saint Anne Congo Sanctuary
  • Monument Félix Éboué, first native African governor of French Equatorial Africa
  • Monument of National Culture
  • Djoué hydro-electric dam, where cataracts and rapids of the Djoué river cross the mighty Congo River
In the evening enjoy a relaxing dinner by the river at restaurant Mami Wata (optional.) Overnight at Brazzaville hotel 

Day 2: Departure for Bomassa via Ouésso

After an ultra-early breakfast depart for Ouésso by Comfy AC Coach by 5am (835 Km from Brazzaville, Long Haul & beautiful!)
Note: all along the road, you will view the following cities;
- Gamboma , "legendary" city of yams (321 km)
- Oyo, birthplace of President of the Republic of Congo (408 km) and focus of lots of tourism investment 
- Owando, capital of "Tcham" (African sparkling wine) (523 Km)
- Makoua, the city that crosses the equator (584 Km) and river gateway to Ntokou Park and Rainforest
Arrive at Ouésso, Dinner and overnight at the Hotel Espace Mbelle, Ouessoise, or Hotel Mindongo. If road conditions or rains prevent first day arrival, your second night stay will be at one of the above towns, so as to avoid driving at night and to break up the trip. 

- Flights are sometimes substituted for the drive due to road dangers or weather. Our goal is to get you to the northern park (the meeting of the Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, and Cameroon) safely and smoothly. The decision of CTT on the transport method to the northern jungles is for speed and safety, and not up to negotiation or discount in any case

Day 3: Departure for Kabo/Bomassa (Nouabalé National Park - Ndoki)

After breakfast at the hotel, depart for Bomassa/Kabo (The new park HQ is being relocated to Kabo in 2015/16) by motorized canoe through a secure route, with safety equipment, and guide staff. There will be jungle trekking today as well to reach the base camp and we may make it to Mbeli to do some platform watching by afternoon. Upon arrival at the base camp of the park system and Ndoki Camp, settle in rooms and briefing afterward. At night, enjoy a rustic dinner in the countryside; rest, beers, and relaxation. 

Day 4: Mbeli Bai Exploration and Viewing

Within the park, Mbeli Bai is a specific 3 square km area which is particularly rich in gorillas, with 180 western lowland gorillas reported here. It also contains many monkey species, and nine of them have a population density of 50 per square km. The monkey species found here are the black-and–white, and red Colobus, mustached and crowned Guenon, grey-cheeked Mangabeys, and many others. 

“Nature's strongholds: The World's Great Wildlife Reserves,” by Princeton University Press lists Ndoki park as one of the absolute best and most dense wildlife watching spots on Earth. 

Day 5: Mbeli Bai Exploration and Viewing

The park plays host to over 300 different bird species, some of which are eagles, hawks, owls, scavenging vultures, wading herons, and parrots.

There are also the rare African Forest Elephant, dwarf forest buffalo, leopards, bongos, and blue duikers. Forest elephants create space by clearing the forest for other animals to move. Horned antelopes with 12 lb (5.4 kg) antlers number 100 per square km!

Overnight in Mbeli Bai / Ndoki Camp

Day 6: Mondika Triangle Exploration

After breakfast, we trek a few hours today on dry trail and a small swamp (bring boots and closed toed shoes.) Venture off with our porters and guides (who carry your gear) for exploring the forest observation of animals including lowland gorillas, Sitatunga, & elephants. Finally arrive at Mondika Camp and enjoy meeting one of the premiere deep jungle research teams in the Congo. Enjoy lunch and dinner onsite, overnight stay at Mondika Camp

Day 7: Mondika Triangle Exploration

After breakfast venture off for observation of many more animals to see!
Note: Tourists will not be able to touch and play with gorillas literally, as Mondika is home to a habituated group of Western Lowland Gorillas - 'Kingo's" group (tracking). However, it is really the closest you'll get to gorillas anywhere in Congo if not Africa! We do not like to pose the risk of disease transmission from humans to gorillas, and advocate protecting them by keeping a safe distance as well as wearing breathing masks (provided by staff.)
Overnight in Mondika Camp

Day 8: Back to Brazzaville via Pokola

After breakfast, start for Bomassa/Kabo by foot (hiking in the morning,) LandCruiser, then continue to Pokola via the scenic and amazing Sangha River. Overnight tonight and enjoy excellent showers and well-earned civilization once more at the awesome and river-overlooking Sapeli Lodge Safari Hotel, with a setting you won't soon forget. 

Day 9: Rest and Day at Leisure in Pokola

The day is at leisure today (and as a hedge against any delays) for tours of the frontier forest town of Pokola, shopping for souvenirs, renting a riverboat, or enjoying excellent coffee and meals at the Sapeli Lodge. B, L, D are at your discretion. Our guides will be available for helping organize local and cultural activities, and hotel is included. We can also try to get you back to the capital early on day 9 if notified in advance, but use this day to retain a relaxed and realistic pace for all tourists, by book-ending in this pretty jungle town. Overnight in Sapeli Safari Lodge (On the Sangha River.) or in high season (unusual) we substitute a hotel in Ouesso or elsewhere nearby.

Day 10: Final Day - Departure

After breakfast and hotel check-out, in Ouésso board your plane for a return flight to Brazzaville (Usually around 8 or 9am check-in.) 

For client afraid of flying, we can take you back overland however you cannot catch your international flight until the next day in this case.

Upon arrival, transfer to your international flight or shop for souvenirs before departure tonight. Or stay longer and enjoy the vibe of the river capitals!

Note: Upon request, we can book an extension day and night in Brazzaville for clients with flights that happen early in the day (including Ethiopian, South African Airways, etc.) Please do not plan flights on day 9 for any earlier than 5 pm. 
Note: Upon request and a surcharge, the return trip to Brazzaville is available via 4x4 and we can extend to take you to Odzala Park!..or in certain cases and groups we can extend drop-off into Cameroon and C.A.R. (depending on conditions).relive the highlights of your expedition and stop at local markets for last minute gifts. Enjoy a casual drive through town before your transfer to the airport. 
Note: If the park makes a decision about the order or route of your safari to enhance your experience, the integrity of the park, the animal viewing opportunities (of which there are many!) or the safety of you or the wildlife, they are the authority (literally) in the park and this will not be up for negotiation, deliberation, nor renumeration of any kind. 
Note: Overnight at the end of the tour is usually in Sapeli Safari Lodge (On the Sangha River.) however in high season (unusual) we substitute a hotel in Ouesso or elsewhere nearby.

Extended Description

There is a vast array of species living in Nouable-Ndoki Park. The most famous species here are primates. There are also Colobus monkeys (black-and-white Colobus, red Colobus), the endangered lowland gorillas, chimpanzees, and moustached guenon monkeys.

Crocodiles and blood-sucking insects are also part of the forest's species. Be careful! Listen to our guide, and bring DEET repellant!

According to a Pygmy legend, a Congo-based long-necked reptile, known as Mokèlé-mbèmbé killed elephants with its huge frontal horn. There has ever since been a persistent, unsolved mystery and rumor of a dinosaur living in this vast jungle, hidden in a lost world.

Price: From $3,999 per person on double basis. (With a minimum of 4 people)

**Special discount prices available for residents of the Republic of Congo, for Expatriates of the Republic of Congo, and for groups of researchers and students. Working for NGOs does not count unless they are directly related to conservation.

***NOTE: Please only bring carry-on luggage and not large check-in bags. Please also bring comfort food, drinks, alcohols, and snacks for the park, as it is truly in the middle of the frontier jungle and you will not find these things available. Stock up!

Our overland tours include all insurance, transport, permits, entrance fees, taxes, 4x4 with a/c, and accommodation in basic safari-style lodges, villages, and tourist hotels (where applicable). Basic meals are included only in the park. Alcoholic drinks are extra. Congo Travel and Tours will arrange your visa facilitation upon purchase of a tour, and you must apply with our invitation letter at your nearest possible embassy.