Being the third largest Sand Island in the world, there's no shortage of gorgeous beaches on Moreton island. The beach runs the whole way around the island (well certainly
As far as I could walk).

If you're coming to tangalooma and looking for a cheap fun and romantic thing to do then bring some delicious picnic tasties (champagne, olives, some cheese and crackers and any other goodness you want!)

If you walk south along the beach (right if you're looking at the wharf as you walk down the jetty to get off the boat) you'll find the best spot.

The water is so warm, the sand is so white, it's the perfect spot to have a picnic.

If you're going to have a picnic, do
The shopping for everything before you set off on the ferry. The shops on tangalooma are super pricey for the every day goods that make for a good picnic.