Harry's cafe de wheels at woolloomooloo is as big a bloody part of Australian (well sydney's) food culture as meat pies ...which is just what they happen to do best. How grouse is that?!

The Tiger isn't an animal but the name for their best dish.. It's a hearty meat pie with chunks of steak in, topped with a scoop of mashed potato and a scoop of mushed peas. On top of the delicious mush a spoonful of gravy is sunk and then you've got yourself a tiger.

How to eat a tiger: Smash your plastic fork straight down into the middle of all that goodness on top and rip through the lid of the pie. Spoon heapfuls of combination mash, mush, gravy and meat from the roof and eat the insides out in a circular so that you're left with the outside of a pie and enough mush to fill it in. Then you pick the pie up single handed and chomp away from the side until there's nothing left. Bloody marvellous.

Harry's is open until or past midnight most nights and makes for a great late night snack or hungover breakfast. Established in 1945 for rowdy sailors, there's no food cart as steeped in Sydney's modern history. So if you're only in town for a bit you should definitely check it out.