Walk from Manly to Cabbage Tree Bay (Shelly Beach). Go straight ahead along the road for 10m and you’ll see steps on your right. Walk up the steps to the carpark (look out for rabbits under the trees).

At the top of steps walk through the carpark across to the wooden steps – at this point look around, on sunny days you might see a Diamond Python getting some sun on top of the bushes or late evening you sometimes see an Echidna running along.

Go across to the white railings facing the Pacific Ocean.

Best times are June to October. In early season whales travel North – right to left facing the horizon and in late season they travel South – left to right.

How to spot whales?
In peak whale-watching season on a good day it’s not unusual to see a dozen whales from this point, they usually hang out in small groups of 2-5. There are 4 easy ways to spot whales:
1. It’s easier to spot whales on calm days when the ocean is relatively quiet, just look out for activity on the water’s surface. Watch for sprays of water vapour, you’ll usually see a few - one after another before the whales dive again. They surface every 5-10 minutes to breath.
2. If you’re lucky you’ll see Whales breaching, they’ll do this several times in a row so keep watching for massive splashes of water!
3. One of the easiest ways to spot whales is to look out for Whale Watching boats – look ahead of the direction they’re travelling, if they haven’t slowed right down the whales will be much further ahead of the boats.
4. Look at other people watching the ocean with binoculars, zoom lenses or usually point at the ocean.

Hope you spot some!