Explore this great Mountain Bike Park with the family or with a bunch of fellow mountain bike riders.

This is a very user friendly park with well marked and well maintained technical single track and also some wide flat fire trails that the kids can enjoy.

Plenty of work has been dome at the park recently with new signage making the trails easy to find and navigate. The terrain is varied with most of the trails on the northern side of the creek fairly flat with not too many obstacles. Across the creek at the southern end of the park the tracks become a little more challenging with a few up hills and some nice flowing down sections.

The landscape is also quite changeable with the northern side being more open Scribbly Gum forest and grasslands while the southern side is a bit more of a denser and wetter forest.

All in all this is a fun place to ride and it is easy to get in a 20K loop without having to double up too much. But don't be afraid to ride the trail in the reverse direction as it really is like riding a new trail.

There are bridges across creeks and some trails run along the creek. Plenty of shade and resting spots. Keep an eye out for walkers with their dogs but everyone has always been very friendly.

A great place to spend a few hours and the trails drain very well after a bit of rain so better than some of the other parks that can be a bit muddy after rain and best not ridden.

Enjoy the Scribbly Gum trails, it offers something for all fitness levels, also fun for a night ride as there are not too many hazards on the northern side.