Trying to find something to do with small children on a hot day, can be as problematic as on a rainy one! The answer, if you're in Melbourne, is the Children's Garden at the Royal Botanic Gardens.
This purpose built section of the grounds, is an interactive oasis for kids and parents alike. And the best bit is all the water play!
Once the forecast is for over 25 degrees the Spiral Fountains and spurting jets of the Meeting Place are switched on and squeals of delight are heard constantly. All ages are encouraged to run through and play in the various water features around the garden.
The trickling stream that is The Rill is the perfect spot for toddlers and babies to sit and have a splash or walk along the path and enjoy the sensation of the cool water over their little toes.
Various plants, walkways and paths encourage exploration for older children, who can safely wander the fenced in area and enjoy all that nature has to offer.
There is not a lot of shade in the garden, so rashies, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must for all visitors. There is a lawn space and families are encouraged not to picnic there, but you can be sure this advice is mostly ignored and it becomes pram parking and the best spot for morning tea. (There is a coffee cart just outside too.)
The closest entrance to reach the Children's Garden easily, is via the entrance on Birdwood Avenue, near the observatory. Parking is metered, so bring some change and you can stay for up to 4 hours. Trams are nearby as well, from Domain Road and St Kilda Road.