A day trip to the Mornington Peninsula in Melbourne's outskirts is never a bad idea! The most popular side of it is the western one because of the Great Ocean Road. However, the eastern side of the Peninsula has amazing things to offer as well. Some of the better known attractions are Phillip Island, the Lavander Gardens and the Moonlit Sanctuary. On a day trip around the area, we decided to stop in Mount Martha and find the beautiful place we saw in some google pictures. It is known as the Pillars, a concentration of rocks where people go to jump when the weather is nice. It is really fun and it gives you a huge adrenaline rush! The place is incredibly beautiful, the water is crystal clear and the food around the area is really good as well. If jumping is not your thing, you can sunbathe, swim, take pictures or have a picnic while you watch us crazy people jump off in all directions.