This is a good half day looping bush walk, which you could over a full day if you wanted to take your time. To start head to Garie Farm car park and take the track down to Burning Palms Beach. It’s about 45 mins and pretty much a constant descent as you’re heading down to sea level. Stop at Burning Palms Beach for a breather (and a swim!) then join back on the path heading south. If you are wanting to combine this walk with a visit to the Figure 8 Pools this is also where you’d leave the path. Heading south, however, you’ll follow the coastal lowlands, before entering into rain forest and slowly climbing until you reach Werrong Lookout. A little further along and you’ll reach the Cliff Track t-section, take a right and follow the fire trail all the way back to your car park. It’s a good 10km round trip, so be sure to plan accordingly (water, food, appropriate footwear/clothing, and enough time to complete the loop).