The Sri Venkateswara Temple is located in Helensburgh, a little over an hour south of Sydney. It’s one of the biggest Hindu temples in the southern hemisphere! It’s a fascinating place to visit, but perhaps the best hidden gem is their Canteen located out the back, which serves the most authentic South Indian food I’ve had (outside of India that is!) It’s all vegetarian, as you’d expect for Hindu cuisine, and it’s extremely good value – whenever we visit I don’t think we’ve ever spent more than $15 for two people, and you’ll get a stack of food for that. Idly, Masala Dosa, Poori, Parota and more – if you love traditional Indian food (not just butter chicken!) then this is well worth checking out. There’s special events throughout the year to coincide with important dates on the Hindu calendar, so be sure to look at the website and time your visit accordingly.