Owned by Argentinian born dancer Fabio Robles, this is the sort of place where you can pretend you are somewhere else...maybe even pretend to be someone else. Why not loose yourself in hypnotic Latin music, you can even get lessons so there's no need to just sit and watch.
The bar has a mixture of events, everything from the sultry salsa nights to teasing tango lessons. Classes cater for beginners all the way to professionals. There are group, couples and individual lessons available.
Look out for special nights where you can listen to live bands and/or DJ's makes for great time. And yes it is actually a bar, as well as dance studio, so you can get drinks on the night to help limber you up.
If you are lucky to get to see Fabio dance or teach you tango you are in for a treat. He is an exquisite dancer and beautiful to watch.
Once you experience the sexy Latino culture of Melbourne you'll be back for more.