Amazing park for all your park needs - two bbq and playground areas, extensive trail for exercising including a fitness area, nature gazing at the little lake or plenty of sticks and such for nature play.

Not to mention the dog friendly off-leash areas which includes free biodegradable doggy do bags and a drink tap/water bottle refill/dog water bowl station.

There's even a skate park with a skate bowl and a basketball court. A special war memorial space that leads to the hill where you can grab great views of the city - a popular destination for New Year's Eve fireworks viewing!

This is a great park to socialise due to the variety of things it offers not to mention to space for picnics, frisbee, cricket, bike riding (includes a fix/pump station near the skate park) whatever you'd even has a stage area by the lake and those self-cleaning toilets.

It is also a beautiful place to be for sunrise, view it over the lake and watch the hot air balloons float past. Don't forget to check out the little community garden next to playground and if you forget anything, you can just run across the road to Northcote Plaza which has plenty of parking.

All Nations Park really is a park for all :)