Tassie’s Freycinet Peninsula is absolutely stunning, there is allot to see, and sight seeing is always better by Quad bike right? For approx. $89 you can take a short ride to a secluded beach and see some of the best coastline in Australia, Actually, I think the Freycinet Peninsula has been voted amongst the best coastline in the world..

Anyway, up first is a quick training session before heading off down beach scrub towards the coastline, lots of puddles and rocks makes it pretty fun & adventures for people who don’t do this sort of thing very often.

The best part is obviously when you make it to bluestone bay, the view from the top on the cliff overlooking the bay is seriously stunning.
There’s time to take a break, and take some photos and our guide had lots of information on the area and wildlife. It was the middle of winter when we went there, but I can imagine it would be even better in summer as you could go for a little swim during the lunch stop!

After the break, you head back off to where the tour started.