Sunny corner is a quaint village located about 2 hours drive from Sydney ( central west NSW). The village is home to artists, writers & many creative & interesting people ! You will be captivated by the interesting scenery, native wildlife and unique architecture of the houses in this area. One of the big attractions of this area is the lovely snowfall that happens every year. The area is also surrounded by pine forest, so when the snow falls it resembles a winter wonderland ! The kids will love it if you come here & can build snowmen & throw as many snowballs as they like. Do some research before you arrive & you will see that there is plenty of accommodation to choose from. Nothing like being snowed in for a few days & enjoying the warmth of a log fire. I used to make the trek here once every year when I lived in Sydney. Now I live much closer...i want everyone to enjoy the snow as much as I have !