If you're single and have been living under a rock then you may not know what Tinder is.

Tinder is essentially a dating app but it's also a great way to find someoe to have dinner or drinks with if you're looking to do something or if you're just looking to kill some time it's an awesome game of 'hot or not' that can be played for ages without getting old.

Tinder is an app based dating app that couldn't be easier to use... You download the app, login with your facebook account and then start playing. The facebook thing might be a bit unnerving to some but it serves a pretty good purpose in making sure people are generally pretty real and not just making fake accounts to mess with people.

Once signed in you just set your matching preferences and start running through people as you would with mates in a bar. "Yes i find this person attractive", "Na - that person looks like a creep" etc... If you say yes to someone and they say the same to you then it opens up a line of chat communication so you can chat to each other and work out whether they're good value or not.

If you say no to people, they never find out - the whole thing is based on matching only so it's non-confrontational and has a pretty positive vibe about it.

It's a bit of a cult thing these days with sites and facebook groups spun up about some of the crazy conversations and people that are on it. (If you're not game to sign up just check out some of the other links on this page to have fun killing some time!)