Enjoy a journey through Spanish cuisine and its history as the chef introduces you to wonderful ingredients. Start of the lesson with a delightful plate of chef prepared food before you start to cook up a storm! Help prepare a variety of Spanish tapas with the chef right by your side. Tapas are the perfect way to enjoy a meal, entertain friends and family or escape on a culinary adventure! You will learn a variety of versatile dishes that you can make on your own again and again.

Learn the art of delightful tapas as well as the art of culinary bling where you will plate and create your own presentation plate for each course before indulging the feast. These classes are small and interactive and are perfect for all confidence or skill levels. You will work as a group to create fabulous Spanish dishes and eat the feast prepared.

You will learn valuable chef skills that will benefit your everyday meal preparation as well as give you the confidence to present meals at their very best...with the art of culinary bling plating and styling techniques.