Melbourne Street Art Tours are the first and only street art tours in Australia run by street artists

Melbourne Street Art Tours takes you through the streets and laneways, highlighting who the artists are, giving you a sense of current influences and issues, sharing technical aspects involved in spray painting, stencil art and paste-ups, and explaining the significant role street artists have played in making Melbourne one of the most important destinations worldwide for street art.

Each tour is led by one of Melbourne’s elite street art stars. With local knowledge on just about everything, our guides treat you to some of Melbourne’s hidden underground treasures. You will discover some of the world's most interesting ever-changing street art and galleries as you explore hidden laneways and arcades.

The 2.5-hour tour finishes at the famous Blender Studios, where you will get to see artists and street artists at work, all together in a massive city-based art studio. Wind up your afternoon meeting and chatting with artists like the infamous HA-HA and Drew Funk over a cold beverage or two and delicious snacks fresh from the Queen Victoria Markets.