When you enter the Blue mountains National park at the Glenbrook entrance, you will find a nice parking spot, a fresh water source to fill up your waterbottle, use the restroom and prepare yourself for the next leg of the journey.
After a short drive or mini hike if you're feeling adventurous, there is a crystal clear surprise waiting for you at the end.
It's called Jellybean pool and has to be one of the best kept secrets in the blue mountains that everyone seems to know about but still feels secluded and like some sort of hidden paradise you just discovered.
Surrounded by cliff tops you will find a fresh water pool with deep and shallow levels, plenty of flat soft land and big rocks and little rocks for jumping or sunbaking on. There are no waves and no icky seaweed.
There are little coves tucked away here and there for shy ones and couples and wide open spaces where you can set up lunch and park your stuff while you dive in (and trust me - you will want to swim) this gem is just gorgeous.
The water is clean and there is plenty of shade for chilling out. On hot days the place can start to get a little packed during the afternoon but never so much that you feel like it's been "discovered".
I always bring a stack of sandwiches and plenty of water for my gang when we head there, even if you park as close as you can there is a little hike up and down some man made tracks and once you are down there... you won't want to leave. So take everything you think you will need and float away the afternoon.