Warning - this jump is technically illegal and carries a $150 fine if you get caught. People have been seriously injured here and some have died at jump rock so do this at your own peril.

That being said - this is one of the best jumps around Sydney Harbour. At about 15m high, it's pretty terrifying standing up on the edge. I had a mate who stood at the top for 2hrs psyching himself in and out of doing it before finally jumping.

If you're heading to camp cove for the day for a swim and you want to liven things up a bit take a walk up the stairs and around to jump rock to test your wits.

It's possible to climb back out of the water and up to jump again but it's a bit of a mission, eats easier just to swim into the beach.

To get to the jumping spot you walk up the stairs near where the little cafe is and follow the path around to the left. A sign about the jump being illegal marks where to head towards the water.

The rocks are sketchy and the jump is illegal so definitely don't do this one.

Get the bus down to Watsons bay (324 or 325) and walk around though as the place is no secret to locals and parking can be a nightmare.