The lightrail is a fantastic way to get around the inner-west side of Sydney. The line extends from Central station down to Dulwich Hill and there’s definitely a few key places to check out.

Take the lightrail from Central down to Paddy’s Market and checkout all the little stalls inside. It’s full of quick stuff and there’s even a fresh produce market where you’re bound to find some cheap, great food.

Now, head over to Pyrmont Bay. This station gives you super easy access to everything that Darling Harbour has to offer. Continue on to The Star for a cheeky slap and some gelato from Messina, its to die for.

The fish markets is a great stop for seafood lovers, grab a fisherman’s basket and set yourself up at the water. Now go check out Glebe, lots of great cafes, bars and restaurants (mind you, watch the hill up to Glebe Point Rd… It will puff you out).

Jubilee Park gives you access to the parklands surrounding Blackwattle Bay, it’s a great walk to take around sunset and perfect for a nice date with a picnic.

Skip the next few stops and go straight to Leichhardt. Again it’s full of great restaurants including the Italian Quarter where the food is very tradition and delicious.