The brand spanking new Archie Rose Distillery is located in the centre of Sydney, established 2015. Within the small space, they make their own malt whisky, gin, and vodka.

As whisky takes years to age, it's all still in barrels at the moment - slowly resting and taking on colour, complexity and maturity. You will see the barrels resting in the lofty warehouse, waiting until the time is right to release these gems onto the market.

Gin and Vodka, however, don't need any aging - they are ready once the distillation process and final blending has been done.
So, given this distillery is so new, you can currently sample, (and purchase if you are so inclined), the modern style of spirits.

You can do guided tours 7 days a week, but its best if you can go during the week as the distillery is operating and you see more.

Then its off to the bar for a tasting. One really interesting element is tasting the various distillations of gin - each element is made with a different botanical such as juniper, or blood limes, or coriander seeds for example, and then finally blended together. You can play around with some of these distillates to see the actual flavours on their own, and how they come together in the final blend. Many of the botanicals used at Archie Rose are Australian Native ingredients.

Tour is $10 redeemable on product purchased, Tour and Tasting is $20 (Recommended).

Don't expect a gnarly old man to take you through the distillery - this place is run by young guns, and it's funky as hell.