Full disclosure: I'm fried chicken obsessed. I think about it all day, erryday. So when I heard there was an 'institute' entirely devoted to chicken in Sydney I knew it was going to be the start of a long, loving relationship.

You can choose to have your bucket of chicken (a classier bucket than those from KFC, but a bucket nonetheless) one of four ways - original, damn good, garlic or peanut butter. I'm a purist and love my fried chicken simple.

The Chicken Institute in Surry Hills is a short stroll from Oxford St or Central Station - a little bit annoying to get home when you've stuffed yourself to the gills with all the chicken and poutine you can get your hands on.

I'd recommend booking ahead. The seating area is quite small and it's always packed. AND don't be late for your reservation! If you don't arrive within 15 mins they give away your table.