Thursday nights at the Friend in Hand Hotel is Comedy Night, called Mic in Hand. Its a bit of a Comedy institution, and you just never know what you are going to get.

Start the evening with a pub meal downstairs which are great value - pizzas, pastas, steaks, and parmies.

Then head upstairs to the cozy living room style comedy space, complete with its own bar. It's a great place for emerging comedy acts to try out their new material, existing comedians to work on their delivery, and some well known Australian comedians visiting Sydney will often make a surprise appearance. Kitty Flanagan, Arj Barker, and Danny Bhoy all recently took the stage there.

There is an MC who holds the whole thing together, and generally and international act wrapping up the night with about a 30 minute performance. One of the best value nights at around $10 entry - which hasn't gone up in price for years. Great value for around 2 hours of giggles.