Roar and Snore is an activity that should be on everyone's bucket list.

Camping overnight in the tents at Taronga allows you to see the nocturnal animals at night. Have you ever noticed that many of them are asleep throughout the day?

Start the experience about 6pm, and check out some of the animals. A delicious buffet dinner is served to all campers, before you head out for your night safari. This is when the animals really come alive!

Then it's back to your tent for lights out - it's an early start the next day at about 6am, with breakfast served, and a guided tour with a knowledgable ranger. The experience ends there, as the zoo is opening for the day to the public, yet your ticket allows you to stay for the day as well.

Note: despite the advertising imagery, not all of the tents have harbour views, due to the way they are arranged. The program is booked out well in advance, so a little planning is required. All bedding and linen is provided, and there are clean shower and toilet blocks.

It is expensive, yet worth it, as its a once in a lifetime adventure.