The Hamptons has just popped up in the middle of Sydney – no joke. The Darlo Country Club has taken over the old Victoria Room - Sydney staple for many years. This new offering, however, is fresh, light and ever so decadent.

The cocktail menu is extensive but centred, allowing you to float away into the world of the elite without paying exorbitant membership fees. My personal favourite it the Beverly - rum, gin, peach citrus compote, lemon and mint served in a tall glass. You'll be be picturing yourself laying poolside at the famous Beverly Hotel in LA in no time.

The menu is also a stand out. Nice little nibbles are dotted throughout (nothing seems overly heavy), the sliders are next level delicious and even they seem light and clean! But the real star is the calamari salad. There is just something about the way it's served. And oh my lord the aioli. I have no words.