Every year, without fail, I haul ass to Paniyiri and destroy myself on incredible, authentic Greek food and a gallon of Mythos beer. It's held over a weekend in May, usually around the middle of the month, and is seriously one of the best events held in Brisbane! I go around 2:30pm in the afternoon (after the lunch rush) and head straight for the food and drink lines. A lot of the vendors are selling the same things, like baby octopus, dolmades, fried haloumi, souvlaki and moussaka, and normally I'd suggest that the best places are always the ones with the huge line, but not at Paniyiri; it's like the Greeks won't let them in until they've passed the Greek mother's taste test! It's about $20 to get in, and food ranges from $3-$12 per plate, with drinks from about $8-$12. My advice is get a drink first (Mythos, I repeat, Mythos beer, yum!), grab a few plates of savoury to start (don't worry, they won't run out of honey puffs) and find a spot up on the hill. As you get tipsier, you can join in on the Greek dancing, have a snooze on the grass, go back for seconds, and step the drinks up to the Ouzo. Yassou!