Part muffin, part waffle and a ridiculous number of sweet fillings, Muffles from Fremantle's muffle & co are the most indulgent treat in the world.

The muffle & co stand is just inside the Fremantle markets at the entry near sail and anchor. There's a piano near the muffle shop so if youre looking and you're lucky the piano will be playing. If you can't hear a piano, look for where all the content smiling faces are coming from (its near a shop with a black sign called The Gym).

Muffle and co is open and selling muffles at fremantle markets on fridays and saturdays and the muffles are well worth the $10 or so you'll pay. The muffles are made fresh so take 5 minutes or so to prepare. After you place an order you're given a buzzer so you can continue browsing the Fâ‚©remantle markets as you wait, once your muffle is ready the buzzer goes off and you gead back to pick up your sweet sweet deliciousness.

Muffles have the option of being filled with whipped cream or ice cream (seriously though, who's going to choose the whipped cream?!?!) And are jam packed with stuffings so you won't be eating for a while after this bad boy.

Muffle photos have been taking social media by storm recently and are sure to impress. Get down to freo markets, get yourself a muffle and a selfie and claim your sweet sweet internet points.