Sydney Comedy Store is a Sydney Institution for Stand Up. Don’t expect the grand theatres of the opera house – this is a small and modest comedy club with all the charm of the stand up clubs of Las Vegas. The guy who sells you the tickets on the door is often the MC and the sound and lighting guy. It’s all about grass roots, and pure laughs.
Some of the best nights to go are the showcases, where you will get to see a variety of acts from newbies doing their first gig; to old hands trying out new material, and often headlined by some of the big name international acts.
If you go on a Thursday night, its often only about $10-$12, more on weekends. Don’t just look out for the big names – go with an open mind - sometimes the ones you have never heard of are the ones who will have you rolling in the aisles – and googling their next dates!
Oh, and the best bit – they do table service for drinks – just press your little light and the wait staff will come to you!