This is another of my favourite cheap eats spot. It's a great location on Oxford Street in Paddington and there's a $10 meal special every weekday. So far I've tried the $10 burger on Wednesdays and $10 chicken schnitzel on Thursdays and it was quite yum! The other specials are $10 Mexican food on Mondays, $10 pasta on Tuesdays and $10 fish and chips on Friday.

In terms of getting there, it's a quick 30 minute walk from Sydney's Hyde Park (which is a lovely thing to do during the summer as there are loads of shops and restaurants along the way to look at) or you can take buses from the city such as 333 or 380. That's pretty fast too -- about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the traffic. If you are driving, parking can sometimes be difficult find in Paddington. You can park behind the main streets, that is, in the suburb itself.